A Holistic Approach to Inpatient Services

We are committed to a Trauma-informed Approach. We advocate to end multi-system involvement for individuals and families.


Excelsior Integrated Care Center (ICC) is a regional resource for children, youth, and their families to ensure a trauma-informed and holistic approach to inpatient services is delivered as a brief intervention. This ensures a focus on the goal being stabilization in the community, not a facility. Excelsior has decades of experience learning from individuals and families about their needs. We take a person-centered approach to service planning to minimize time out of home and maximize the positive outcomes for those we serve.

Excelsior ICC is a member of Excelsior Wellness, a private non-profit homegrown healthcare system alternative. Education, behavioral health, primary care, and social and human services are integrated to provide holistic and comprehensive services to those we serve. Our employees understand the value of inter-professional integration. We know that people seek partnerships in their wellness and recovery journey.