Our Campus

Excelsior is committed to creating an interactive, restful, and healing outdoor environment for our youth, families, and the community. We are currently in the process of creating a landscape for all to enjoy which will include areas with seating for conversation, contemplation, meditation, and learning; walking trails and paths through plantings of trees; woody shrubs; and what will become a field of spring daffodils near the Flowering Cherry tree and Lilac collections. The Master Plan is to have our campus be a certified Arboretum, which began in 2018 and will be further developed over the years.


  • Apply for Certified Arboretum Level I
  • Expand our Lilac and Flowering Cherry Tree Collections
  • Expand woody shrub and additional tree collections
  • Begin the Willow Tree Collection
  • Improve walking trails and seating
  • Add Signage to include:
    • Plant’s Botanical Name
    • Plant’s Common Name
    • Donor’s Name
    • Honoree’s Name
  • Add formal healing gardens


  • Clear dead trees, brush, and debris
  • Open site-line of campus from Indian Trail
  • Add flowers and landscape for the front entrance
  • Plant daffodils for Spring Bloom
  • Add irrigation


If you would like to see first hand what Excelsior is doing to improve our outdoor environment, or to just learn more about the landscape master plan, please contact our Arboretum Director.

Lynn Suksdorf
Call: 509.559.3106
Email:  lynn.suksdorf@ExcelsiorWellness.org.


Excelsior would like to recognize the following donors who gave gifts or grants in support of our arboretum in 2018.


The following tax-deductible gifts will be recognized on our permanent botanical signage for trees and shrubs, or with a plaque on a seating bench.

  • Monetary Donations to support the Arboretum
  • Trees and Shrubs from the Master Collection List
  • Seating Benches



Excelsior Rock Sign