Excelsior Holistic Schools


Excelsior offers individualized learning opportunities where students can work towards their high school diploma, study for the GED, acquire college and work readiness skills, and take part in vocational training. Our staff encourage students to discover new interests and guide them in taking steps towards achieving their goals. Special Programs:

  • Accredited Elementary – Compass
  • Accredited Middle School – Atlas
  • Accredited High School – Expedition
  • Special Education Services
  • Individual Education Planning (IEP/504)
  • GED and Credit Recovery
  • Vocational Programs and Job Readiness Training
  • Odyssey Ware (online learning)
  • Open Doors, Youth Re-engagement Program
  • Art and Music Programs
  • Challenge Course
  • Swimming Pool and Gymnasium

“We are advocates for youth and hold fast to the belief that they can be stronger, safer, and more satisfied in the lives they lead.”

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